5 POD Trends for Fall 2019

You got your domain, a nice new logo, your PayPal account set up, and a shiny new theme uploaded. You’re all set to start making serious bank but you may be missing the one most important thing that will determine whether you get rich or go broke – amazing products your customs will want to buy and a conversion funnel system to shoot your AOV to the moon!
Despite what some “Shopify gurus” post on social media we know making money on the Internet is not easy, and that’s ok. But we do know making money selling POD products is totally possible and even lucrative if you know how to bring quality visitors to your website and turn them into paying customers.
Here are our top 5 POD trends for 2019 to help get your customers clicking BUY NOW:

1. Out with the old, in with the new

Custom t-shirts, mugs, and hats are nothing new. Websites allowing customers to make their own custom apparel have been around since the 90s and there are 1000s of websites all offering essentially the same old, boring products.
How about offering your customers some new products they haven’t seen before? Sequin pillows, sequin shirts, name water bottles, grinders, and magic mugs are just some of the products Podify offers that the others don’t!

2. Bundle it up

If your visitors love their design on one product why not offer them the same design on another product they may love? With tags it is very easy to set up product suggestions so your buyers will be recommended similar products.

3. Be original

We may have some bad news for you – you are probably not the first person to think to make a unicorn sequin pillow or an emoji coffee mug. But that’s ok! You can make your own, unique, fun designs. Try outsourcing designs to Fiverr, look what’s trendy, or even make your own designs if you have some Photoshop skills. If you have something UNIQUE your customers will be more likely to buy!

4. Let the customer do the designing

More than ever customers want to design their own products with their own custom images. Good news! Podify app allows this functionality. By enabling custom products customers can upload their own image and proceed to check out on their own.

5. Show them the print quality

One of the biggest concerns customers have before they purchase is the print quality. Although the designer in your store

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