Fully Automate Your Custom Products Store

Podify is the easiest, most feature filled POD app on Shopify.  This is a new, easier, better Shopify app geared to products that customers want to buy and giving them the option of fully customizing their products.  Within minutes add 100s of fully customizable branded products to your store that gets fulfilled automatically 24/7/365.


“Print on Demand Needs to Evolve”

We’ve been doing POD since Britney Spears was still on TRL.  Shirts, mugs, hats, mousepads..we’ve sold it all.  Although the Shopify app store is filled with many great POD apps, none position themselves in giving the power back to the customer.  Podify’s platform lets anyone make a highly profitable eCommerce business that Amazon and Etsy cannot compete with.


Ever Wanted a POD Store?  Have no design skills?  This is for you!

Let your customers do the designing with our easy to use proprietary designer.  Through our rigorous A/B testing we found the designer that leads to the highest conversion rates and lowest return rates.   This leads to happy, high revenue customers that come back to your store for more great products!


How Podify Is Different Than the Rest


User Friendly

We make it super easy for any merchant to load products, create their brand, and launch a highly profitable store.  Our designs tools are designed to make the product creation process as easy as a few clicks which saves time and money, reduces abandonment, and raises AOV.

Constantly Updating

Customers tastes change and what may have worked yesterday won’t be relevant tomorrow.  Our team is constantly testing new products and technologies to make sure your Shopify store is ahead of the game with the latest products your customers are searching for.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

There is no such thing as perfection but we try to get close.  Our satisfaction rate is an industry leading 99.8% and if for any reason there is a problem or defect with your order our customer support promises a response and solution within 24 hours.

Employee Owned

Podify is 100% privately owned.  No one understands our customers better than Podify’s management and employees.  Our interests lie in growing our partnerships and making you succeed – not inflating the bottom line for investors!


A look at the numbers


100,000+ successful orders…

…with 1000s of new orders successfully delivered every day.  Our supply chain has been mastered to get orders made, inspected, and shipped in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Less than 0.2% order return rate (industry average 2%)

No one likes returns.  They’re expensive and time consuming.  Our fast turnaround time and high product quality minimises returns to a bare minimum (can’t please everyone…) so you can focus on increasing your revenue, not returning your profits.

8 days average turnaround time from order to delivery

Online shoppers today expect to receive their products fast.  Most orders get produced within 24-48 hours of payment and are inspected and shipped directly to the customer with fancy DHL shipping in just 3-5 business days.  This leads to significantly low customer complaints and a high return customer rate.

250+ products (60% unique to Podify)

T-shirts, mugs, mousepads…every one does that.  We sell it too, but it’s not our forte.  We pride ourselves on unique custom items not available anywhere else including custom sequin shirts, linen bags, sequin notebooks, grinders, ash trays, belts, quilts, and many more Podify exclusive items!



Our Mission Statement

We believe we make awesome products.  We personally use our own products and gift them to our family and friends, decorate the Podify offices with Podify swag, and get a little giddy inside whenever we see a happy review (we get giddy a lot).

We love our products and want to offer them to relevant stores looking for a fully automated POD store that allows customers to design any product they want.  Every store, customer, and product matters to us.  We know your success is our success and your success is dependant on quality products, excellent attention to detail, and a partner you can trust every step of the way while you grow your successful POD business.

About Our Company

Our team consists of hundreds of 50+ marketing, production, fulfilment, and operations specialists strategically placed around the world in locations such as California, New Jersey, Israel, China, and Hong Kong.  We speak many languages but share one common goal: to make the very best POD app possible.