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Podify 2.0 Has Launched!

  • 20 March, 2022
  • Podify Admin

It was with great pride we officially launch the new version of Podify we simply call Podify 2.0.


When Podify was originally launched in August 2020 we were not sure of the feedback we would receive as it was our first foray into Print on Demand as a service.


Since we launched in August 2020 our app has been downloaded over 10,000 times and tens of thousands of orders have been processed to customers all over the world.  Every merchant success story brings a smile to our face and it is the main reason why we made Podify – to give dropshippers, entrepreneurs, and brand managers the tools the founders wish they had when they first started in print on demand.


We quickly saw what works and what does not work in print on demand.  After all, Podify is hardly the only print on demand provider in the business.  There are several big players and to keep against them is tough.


So the question became, how do we stand out in the hyper competitive space?


We know our customers like our service and prices but are worried about market saturation and low profit margins.  If it was so easy, everyone would do it, and if everyone does it, what hope does one have to not only get a few sales but really thrive and build a highly profitable, sustainable, and scalable business.


But a few merchant partners surprised us.  Instead of selling products as individual units, why not sell products in bulk?  


For example, instead of selling 1 puzzle in a single order, wouldn’t it make more economical sense to get orders where the buyer is looking to buy possibly dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of puzzles in a single purchase?


And not just puzzles, but what about hats, shirts, notebooks, bottles, and more?


This is where Podify 2.0 comes in, and we hopefully have something really good on our hands that will allow entrepreneurs from all over the world make 3, 4, or even 5 figure profits on a single order with unique and low saturated products that are in demand.


While we still offer many products with no minimums, we are now offering several products with bulk and wholesale pricing.  That means if a customer is looking to buy 100 hats they won’t pay the same price per hat as 1, and neither will the merchant.


The end customer gets a great deal and the merchant makes huge profits!


It’s win-win for all!


And because we are catering to bulk and wholesale, our product selection has grown to much more products that usually require a minimum.


Over the next few months we will roll out more and more new features and products to help merchants succeed in selling print on demand products in bulk quantities.


We will even release our Podify Academy course to show beginners how to go from zero experience to their first sale using nothing but free tools and Podify.


Our success is your success, and we will do everything in our power to help YOU, the merchant, succeed!



Podify App Team

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