How to Create a MANUAL Collection in Shopify

Due to Shopify limitations a product can only be pushed to a MANUAL Collection.  We will show you how with these easy to follow steps.

Understanding the difference between Automatic and Manual collections

In Shopify you have two types of collections: Automatic and Manual.

Automatic Collection – A collection that is created based on certain tags or production conditions associated with specific products.  For example, you can create a Budget Under $20 Collection that will automatically add all products to youre store of products that are under $20.

But it’s not limited to that.  You can also create collections on product title, shipping location, weight, vendor, and several others.

Create Automatic Collection Shopify

Manual Collection – A collection that is created with a manually selected set of products.  Basically, the merchant can add or remove any product they want from this collection.



Once created, you are all set.  Now you can push any product from Podify app to your store.


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