Image Uploading Issues

All products have minimum image requirements depending on the size of the print area.  Some minimums are as low as 200×200 resolution but larger products like blankes and rugs require 2000×2000 or even more.  If a customer is having a problem uploading an image it is most likely the minimum resolution levels are not met.

I need to change an order, what do I do?

We try to process and ship orders as fast as possible so your customers receive their orders quickly.  If you need to cancel or change an order please e-mail within 12 hours of the order for help.

We cannot promise an order can be modified or changed after an order is placed and will not refund an order after it has already been produced and shipped.

My customer is requesting a refund. Will you also refund?

We refund orders only when there is a product defect or shipping mistake caused by us.  We do not refund orders if a customer does a chargeback, uploads a low quality picture and is not happy with the final product, or the product was not delivered because the customer entered an incorrect address.

It is the Merchant’s responsibility to check every order for image quality and shipping address accuracy.