Image Uploading Issues

All products have minimum image requirements depending on the size of the print area.  Some minimums are as low as 200×200 resolution but larger products like blankes and rugs require 2000×2000 or even more.  If a customer is having a problem uploading an image it is most likely the minimum resolution levels are not met.

Can I create my own templates and clip art?

In future versions of Podify we will add the feature for customers to create their own templates.

We will periodically add our own in-house developed templates and can make custom templates only accessible to specific stores.  Email for more information.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes!  For bulk orders of 5 or more units we can provide some discounts depending on the customers specifications.  We can even do bulk orders of over 1000 units with significant discounts.  Please email for more information.

How do I check for tracking information?

In your Podify dashboard you should see the status for every order.

When tracking number is created the tracking automatically syncs with your store and an email is sent to the customer.

Can a customer order with express shipping?

At the moment we do not offer express shipping.  All orders are sent with USPS first class mail.

What if the customers order was lost in the mail?

If the order was lost in the mail due to a mistake by USPS or another shipping address we will resend the order for free.  Please e-mail to for assistance.

My customer says there was no delivery but tracking states delivered

If delivery is confirmed by USPS unfortunately we cannot refund the order.  A new order has to be made for the customer.

It is the merchant stores responsibility to verify every address.

Can I white label with my branding?

Yes!  Every order is shipped with your logo and your branding.  No branding from the original manufacturer is included.