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Acceptable Media, Content, and Images in Policies
Aug 30th 21

Merchant assumes full responsibility for checking for image quality before submitting order to Podify. Every Podify order is inspected by a trained quality assurance expert to verify the images ...

Merchants Protection-"Dedicated team on-time response" in Shipping and Returns
Feb 20th 21

REPRINT If the received product is printed incorrectly, damaged, or in bad quality, please contact Podify support at and attach photos of the errors. Our team will rectify it for you ...

“Quality is not an act, it is habit” in Getting Started
Feb 17th 21

       The steps we take to ensure consistently good results for Podify partners Your store's product quality is Podify's business Product quality describes a product's capability to meet your sta ...

Why is Podify better than others? in Getting Started
Feb 16th 21

 Firstly you save time and money We maintain the lowest possible prices for all of our products. You don't need to invest in products, outsource equipment, or hire freelancers for order fulfillment. ...

Cancellation Policy in Policies
Feb 13th 21

Q) What if my customer wants to cancel the order? All orders begin production almost immediately after purchase. After the order is placed we cannot promise cancellation or refund.     Q) What i ...

Return Policy in Policies
Feb 13th 21

Q) Do you offer returns? Due to the nature of the products, we only accept returns if the products arrive defective, or Podify made a mistake in the order.    Q) How long do I have to submit a ...

Shipping Policy in Policies
Feb 13th 21

Q) How long does shipping take? Turnaround time is defined as production time (usually 1-5 business days) plus shipping time.  General turnaround time for orders as per region: United States – 5-10 da ...

Refund Policy in Policies
Feb 13th 21

Q) What if the order arrived damaged? We offer a refund on all products that are defective or damaged and the merchant must send proof of defects.   Q) In case the refund is not yet received or ...

Selling Outside Shopify in Selling Outside Shopify
Feb 8th 21

At the moment we do not have direct integration with Etsy. Due to many requests, we are actively working on a self-serve option to allow Podify Merchants to sell without requiring an active Shopify ...

How to Create a MANUAL Collection in Shopify in Shipping and Returns
Oct 18th 20

Due to Shopify limitations a product can only be pushed to a MANUAL Collection.  We will show you how with these easy to follow steps. Understanding the difference between Automatic and Manual ...

Automatic collection
Manual colleciton