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How to Create a MANUAL Collection in Shopify in Shipping and Returns
Oct 18th 20

Due to Shopify limitations a product can only be pushed to a MANUAL Collection.  We will show you how with these easy to follow steps. Understanding the difference between Automatic and Manual collec...

Automatic collection
Manual colleciton
Taxes and VAT in Shipping and Returns
Apr 13th 20

The merchant is responsible for collecting Taxes and VAT on behalf of the customer.  Orders that are sent back due to taxes and VAT issues will not be refunded by Podify....

White Labeling in Product Configuration
Apr 13th 20

You may customize the Billing Information, Shipping Information, Logo, and Packing Slip on the order so every order from your store is branded with your branding! Visit My Profile to modify...

Delivery Confirmation Issues in Shipping and Returns
Apr 13th 20

If delivery is confirmed by tracking to de delivered Podify cannot refund the order.  A new order has to be made for this customer if the customer claims they did not receive the product. It is the m...

Shipping Costs in Shipping and Returns
Apr 13th 20

Shipping prices are included for US orders.  All international orders require $20 international shipping fee.  Some orders may be refunded if customer lives in a very remote region that is difficult...

Supported Platforms in Getting Started
Apr 13th 20

At the moment Podify is only available for Shopify stores....

Customer Refunds in Shipping and Returns
Apr 13th 20

Podify refunds the merchant in the following cases: There was an order defect or mistake due to Podify's error An order was not able to be successfully delivered due to Podify's mistake An order was a...

Order Modifications in Ordering
Apr 13th 20

After an order has been processed and sent to Podify the order may not be changed or modified.  If less than 24 hours have passed since the order was processed it may be possible, but not guaranteed,...

Express Shipping in Shipping and Returns
Apr 13th 20

At the moment we do not offer a separate express shipment option....

Supported Geo's in Shipping and Returns
Apr 13th 20

We ship United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.  In the future we plan on offering coverage to more geographic regions including Asia, Africa, and South America....