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Installing the Design Tool

For Shopify stores the merchant will want to offer the design tool so their customers can design products live on their product page.

Podify has a built in design tool that is ready to go with 95%+ of Shopify themes.

The tool can:

  • Replace elements of the existing product page
  • Crop the file photos
  • Show the preview on the cart page for customers
  • For Wholesale products, removes the native quantity selector

Podify is compatible with all other apps and does not interfere with the product page of non-Podify products.

Due to Shopify limitations the product preview will not show during checkout but will be available in order confirmation emails.

To install the design tool is very simple.

Step 1: Backup the theme.

Just in case in the rare but possible error during installation.

Step 2: In the Podify Dashboard go to Installation on the left side

installing podify design tool


Step 3: Select the Theme you want to install the design tool

This is usually the currently active theme.

install the design tool
Step 4: Click Automatic Installation and check a Podify product page.

If the design tool is loading, installation was successful!

Step 5: Disable Ajax cart.

For some themes in Theme settings there is option to disable Ajax cart.  For other themes the wording is not “Ajax cart” but if the cart will open as a drawer, mini-cart, or only go to /cart page.  Due to Shopify limitations the only applicable option for the design tool to properly work is for Ajax disabled and the user goes to straight to /cart page after doing Add to Cart.


In rare cases the design tool may malfunction if a theme is not built by Shopify 2.0 standards.  For help please contact support at info@podify.app

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