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Return Policy

In general we try to avoid as many returns as possible. We highly recommend following our best practices guide to minimize return rate to as low possible.

We accept returns in the following situations:

  • Product Defect. It is rare, but sometimes products ship in an unsatisfactory condition, either with the print or the product itself. If this is Podify’s fault, Podify refunds the merchant, pending proof of product defect.
  • Very Late Delivery Time. Podify ships with reputable carriers and shipping providers. If an order arrives very late Podify may agree to refund if it is the fault of Podify. Podify does not refund in cases of remote addresses, unaligned expectations between merchant customer, national holidays, customs issues, political events, and other instances not directly the fault of Podify. Podify highly recommends to not promise delivery times to the end customer. For questions about delivery time for a specific order please contact Podify support before submission.
  • Product Was Never Shipped. While rare, it may happen. We routinely scan for unshipped orders but in case we missed something we can offer a refund as long as the product has not been shipped.
  • Delivered Product is Different. If the customer received a product that is of different specifications than what was advertised in the product listing Podify will refund.

Podify does not accept refunds in cases of:

  • Bad Addresses. Podify ships to the address provided. If an incorrect address is provided by the customer or the merchant it is the responsibility of the merchant or customer to place a new order or contact the shipping carrier to claim the package.
  • Customs Issues. Shipping to some countries requires customs clearance by the end of the user and may incur VAT. If a customer does not pay the tax or help with customs clearance Podify will not refund the order.
  • Bad Quality Images. We scan each and every order for picture quality. If an image is of low quality we will notify the merchant to ask the customer for a new image. If the customer decides to go with the submitted image Podify will not accept refunds if the product is not of satisfactory level to the customer. We highly recommend all merchants to also check the image quality before submission.
  • Customer Changes Their Mind. If a customer no longer wants the product after they have received it, and there is nothing physically wrong with the product, Podify will not refund the merchant.

Podify reserves the right to handle return situations via a case-by-case basis. Please contact support for help.

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