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Shipping Profiles Set Up

For merchants that use the Shopify app we have a very easy integration to enable automated shipping profiles.

Shipping profiles allows customers to select the desired shipping option when they check out.  For some products there is only an economy shipping option and for others there are multiple shipping options including express shipping for an additional price.

The merchant is charged the shipping cost by Podify the same price as the merchant charges their seller.  So if a user selects $8 shipping, the merchant will be charged $8 in addition to the base product cost.  If this user instead selects to pay a $30 rush shipping fee they will be charged $30 by the merchant and Podify charges the merchant $30.

To enable automated shipping profiles, all the merchant needs to do is import the product from Podify to their Shopify store.  Automatically shipping profiles will be created for the product.

To verify it worked go to Settings > Shipping in Shopify Admin.  Podify should appear under Apps shipping profiles

podify shipping profiles


Easy, right?  That’s all there is to it.

We do not recommend to change shipping costs.  Please note the merchant will be charged the original imported price, no matter if the merchant changed the price for the customer.

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