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Using Podify Without Shopify

Podify was designed for the Shopify platform but it is possible to use on any other platform or even no platform at all.

Many Podify merchants get great results by selling on Etsy, Amazon, WooCommerce, eBay, or their own custom built platforms.

However, at this type there isn’t a direct integration with anything other than Shopify.

To sell outside of Shopify we have developed our Self-Serve System available at https://design.podify.app

To use this service all that is needed is an e-mail, Facebook account, or Google account.

All the same products, marketing assets, product descriptions, and prices are available as the Shopify app.  There is even a design tool built in for fulfilling orders.

Inside the app in the product selector there is option to either Order Now a one-off sale (for a personalized Etsy order) or to create a predesigned product for designs that may have multiple sales (for example, artists).

Pre-designed products are saved under Products > Pre-designed for future use.


Manual Dashboardt


The system accepts PayPal or credit card for order processing.  When checking out enter the customers shipping address and select the desired payment option.

All orders will appear in the Orders tab and will update with tracking links.



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