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Before you start please familiarize yourself with Facebook pixels and Shopify’s official guide on getting started.

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In this post we will go over the other big traffic source that Internet marketers hate to love and love to hate –  Facebook!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2004, we are sure you know all about the incredible reach that Facebook has not just on Facebook but on Instagram and very large Facebook Audience Network.

Here are some benefits for marketing on the Facebook platform:

  • Incredible potential for scale.  With 2 billion users on the platform there is never not enough traffic to buy
  • Target the exact customers you want.  Facebook has so much data about our interests, locations, friends, etc. that it can find the exact profiles that fit your previous customers either with your explicit targeting instructions or by letting Facebook’s algorithm find similar users on its own.
  • “Bonus” reach.  Any comments or shares on your FB ads can increase your overall traffic and sales!
  • Easy and intuitive platform with lots of room for automation

Having said all the above there is a very important point we want to make, especially for new users – Facebook can be difficult, unstable, and ultimately cost you a lot money if you are not careful.  We do not recommend Facebook for new marketers unless you have a sizable budget you are ready to potentially lose.  

But we do very much recommend using Facebook to do something it is reliably good at – remarketing.

With Facebook remarketing you can automatically show a customer  the same product they viewed but did not purchase as long as they are logged in to their Facebook account on the current device they are browsing in.

The really cool thing about Facebook remarketing is that you can retarget customers on a different device they originally browed on.  For example, maybe the customer was on their phone and browsing your store when they were on the bus, were thinking of making a purchase, but decided not to because they had to get off.  Instead of losing this customer win them back by showing them the exact product they were browsing next time they are online!  Since many people these days have multiple products such as laptop, tablet, phone or a work computer, make sure you find the customer wherever they may be.

There are several Shopify apps that automatic this entirely.  Our recommendation is to go with AdMonks but you can use any of the many other apps available.

Start off small – retarget users that viewed your product in the last 2-3 days.

Getting good results?  Increase the window to 7 days or even 14 days.  Find the perfect balance between ROI and retargeting window so you are not missing on potential sales but not overextending yourself and advertising to too many customers that will ultimately not make a purchase.

Over time you should be spending $5-10 per purchase on a retarget customer.

Here are some more tips for Facebook remarketing success:

  • Start small!  Even $5 daily budget is enough to get started
  • Give it some time.  Usually Facebook has a learning phase and after a few days it starts to optimize.  Our recommendation is at least 1 week
  • Do not optimize manually – let Facebook do its magic on its own.  From our experience spending millions of dollars on Facebook ads we found the best results were actually when we did not exclude segments or over optimize.  The more you optimize, the higher your traffic cost will be, and most likely the higher your CPA (cost per acquisition) will be.  For example even if you see Facebook is getting better performance than Instagram, do not exclude Instagram.  Let Facebook decide on its own.
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