Getting Started with Podify




If you are reading this you probably have installed Podify and are ready to start making serious $$$ with your very own POD business!

We intentionally designed Podify to make it as simple and user friendly as possible so you can get up and running painlessly.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t include powerful features so you can do some pretty cool things that will supercharge your earnings potential.

Please follow the remainder of our Podify Academy series to make sure you are getting full utility out of Podify.  If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please shoot us a mail at or join us at our Facebook page.

Step 1: Platform Walkthrough

Step 2: Initial Setup

Installing Podify is very easy.  Please note this step is a requirement to enable the make your own products feature but it is not required

Step 3: Adding payment information

At the moment we only accept credit card as a valid form of payment.  All transactions are processed through Stripe and are 100% secure and confidential.  No details are stored on our servers.

Step 4: Customizing your packing slip

You can add your logo and business name / address to help brand your business.  Please note because we work with multiple suppliers not every supplier allows branding, but most do.  If we cannot send a branded packing slip than the packing slip and packaging will arrive unbranded.

Step 5: Setting up collections

In Shopify there are 2 types of collections: automatic and manual.  Automatic collections add products based on 1 or more variables such as price, tags, product title, vendors and other possible factors.  Manual collections products are added individually with no conditions.  For Podify to work products must be added to manual collections.  To create collection go to PRODUCTS > COLLECTIONS

Step 6: Adding your first product

You can add either a MAKE YOUR OWN product, like this, or a pre designed product, like this

Let’s first add a make your own product.

To do so, simply search for the product you would like added and do

To make a pre designed product is very simple.

Step 7: Adjusting prices

By default the suggested price is already set but you are free to set any price you want!

Step 8: Processing orders

By default auto process is set to off.  To enable auto processing please add a valid credit card and set auto process to on.

If auto processing is in than orders are charged and sent to production the same time the order is received on your Shopify store. If you would like to manually review the orders before we begin production we recommend to setting this to on.

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