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Hello Podifyers,

We think Shopify is an excellent platform and a great way for online stores from new companies to giant brands to effectively sell at scale.  Having said that, out of the box there has a lot to be desired in terms of built in features designed for maximum conversion rates.

Think of it this way – it is your objective as a business owner to convert as many users as possible to paying customers and to get them to spend as much as possible (i.e, increase AOV).  The better you are at this, the more money you can spend on marketing.  The more money you can spend on marketing the more revenue.

E-mail marketing

Thank you page optimization

This is a no-brainer and an absolute must for getting the most money out of your customers.  The ROI for any thank you page optimization is almost always positive relative to usually the small price you pay compared to the extra revenue it brings in.

Think of it this way – you brought the customer to your website, they went through the checkout process, and eventually paid.  That’s great!  That means they already are in the buying mindset and trust your store to spend their money.  But that doesn’t mean it has to end after they purchased – you can offer them additional products, discounts, and goodies and since you already know what they purchased and have their shipping details it is very easy to suggest to them a very relevant product and get them through the checkout process even faster!

For example, say your customer purchased an Airpod case.  It is possible your customer is interested in cases for their tech gadgets, so after they purchase an Airpod case you can trigger an offer for iPhone cases!  The options are limitless.

And it doesn’t have to be only extra products you offer.  You can show them a video, a special message, or even just link them to your Facebook page so you can gather your audience.

Opt in submit

To go along with e-mail marketing, make sure you are getting customers to sign up to your mailing list with a smart opt in process.  In most cases, this is as simple as a pop up that is displayed when a user first reaches your page.  Offer them a special discount code by having them enter their email.

Reviews collection

Usually when customers are weighing in on making a purchase decision they want to hear from others that made similar purchases what they thought of the product.  Go to any online store and you will see tons of reviews and feedback whether it’s on Amazon, eBay, Wal mart or anywhere else that people shop.  Before people buy they want to gain confidence that their hard earned money will go to somewhere they will be satisfied with their purchase.  And who can blame them?

No matter what type of store you are we recommend collecting and displaying reviews on each and every product page so customers know they are making a smart purchase.

In fact, Podify has integration directly with Loox to import REAL reviews from customers that purchased similar products.

Upsell/cross selling


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