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In this segment we will be discussing search engine optimization – a marketing method that is as old as search engines.

The purpose of search engine optimization is to structure the language of the website in such a way that the search engines trust your specific website as the most relevant search result for a target key term.  If your website is decided to be the most relevant page for that key term you get free traffic!

  • Measure the competition
  • Find “buyer” keywords
  • Look for keywords with high search volume as well as long tail keywords

The good side of SEO traffic is that it’s free!  You are basically getting visitors straight to your website looking to buy without paying anything to the search engines.  But of course with SEO, such as most things in life, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

SEO is very dependent on your page being the the top results, preferably even top 3 results, out of all the millions and billions of other websites that the search engines sort out.   And if you are not in the top search results, you probably won’t get much traffic.

If you do get top results don’t celebrate just yet.  The search engines can change their algorithm at any time, with or without any explanation, and it’s possible to see your rankings go from top to totally off the search engines for no reason at all.  As a long term strategy this is probably not your best option.  But as a high ROI marketing strategy, it has its upsides.  And even if you can get a few good search terms on first page you can get a very stable stream of traffic flowing without paying a penny.

As a general rule of thumb we recommend the following:

  • Keyword in meta description and meta title
  • Keyword in H1 header and H2 header
  • Keyword in alt tag of picture
  • Keyword in first paragraph
  • Keyword in last paragraph
  • Keyword bolded at least once
  • At least 500 words of content (but the more the better)

If possible we also highly recommend off page SEO to really help you rank to the top.

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