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How to Make a Puzzle Business

  • 24 May, 2022
  • Podify Admin

As eCommerce continues to grow, many people are beginning to create their own online stores to capture a percentage of the expanding market. If you’re interested in doing that, one opportunity you may have considered is starting your own puzzle business. 


Puzzles are a national pastime that has surged in popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, new technology has made it easier than ever to manufacture and sell customized puzzles. Together, these factors mean that there’s never been a better time to start your own puzzle business.


But how do you actually do that? What steps do you need to take to create a viable business selling puzzles? 


The best way to build your puzzle store is with the help of Podify. Our Shopify app makes it incredibly easy to offer your customers puzzles that meet their exact specifications. With fast shipping and low pricing, Podify can form the basis of your new company. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Start By Finding a Niche

There are nearly 8 million online retailers across the globe, and that number is growing every day. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to start the business development process by identifying the niche that your company will occupy.


A niche is a specific segment of a broader market. New companies increase their chances of long-term success by focusing their efforts on a niche as opposed to the market as a whole. So you should begin by thinking about the specific segment of the puzzles market that you want to target.


For example, you might focus on pet owners by selling personalizable puzzles of animals. Or maybe you’ll focus on families by selling puzzles that can be personalized to match family photos.


With its easy puzzle customization tool, Podify makes it easy to occupy whatever niche you choose. We even offer brandable boxes to help your business stand out from its top competitors.

2. Put Together a Business Plan

Every fledgling company needs to create a business plan early in its development. Your new puzzles company is no exception to this. Start by creating an executive summary. This should sum up your business and what it offers in no more than a few pages.


Then, put together a broader description of your company, the products that it will sell, and how it will go about marketing itself. If you plan on requesting financing for your new business, then you’ll have to be as detailed as possible while you put these figures together.


During this phase of the process, you should also spend some time creating financial projections for your company. Analyze its expenses, revenue, and profit expectations. Then try to project these things a few years into the future to get a sense of what your new company’s growth trajectory will look like.

3. Research Your Target Audience

The next phase of the process is to begin defining and researching your target audience. Your target audience is the group of people you deem most likely to purchase your products. For example, pet owners would be your target audience if your store is going to sell puzzles that can be customized with pets on them.


Before launching your company, you need to become deeply familiar with your target audience. You should understand who they are, what they want, and the best way to market to them. The best way to develop that understanding is to perform online research.


For example, you might determine that your target audience prefers a certain type of puzzle. If so, Podify will make it easy to satisfy that demand. We offer a large selection of puzzle types and piece amounts to choose from. So you’ll be able to offer exactly what your audience is looking for.


4. Build Your Website

Next, you need to create an online store that will appeal to your audience. Doing so has never been easier thanks to services like Wix and Squarespace, which handle the toughest part of the job for you.


When you build your website, focus on making it easy for consumers to access exactly what they’re looking for. They shouldn’t have to make more than a few clicks in order to find the specific sub-page that they want to access.


Additionally, you need to integrate a powerful eCommerce tool into your site. This is what will power your store, enabling customers to purchase puzzles from you without having to jump through numerous hoops to do so. There are several different eCommerce tools to choose from, but we recommend Shopify.z


Shopify is the best eCommerce tool for a few key reasons. It makes it very easy to build scalable online stores. Additionally, the platform has hundreds of built-in features and apps that can be used to customize your puzzle company’s web store until it meets your exact needs.


Podify was built specifically for Shopify integration. It offers seamless syncing between platforms, lightning-fast performance, and design tools that are unique to our app. Together, Shopify and Podify form a powerful base on which you’ll find it easy to build your new puzzle business.

5. Source Your Puzzles from Podify

Now that you’ve set up your business, you’re ready to begin sourcing the puzzles that you’ll sell to consumers. The easiest way to do that is with Podify. Podify is a powerful consumer print-on-demand service that features an integrated design tool, worldwide shipping, and exclusive puzzle products.


When you use Podify, you can dropship customizable puzzles globally without having to handle any inventory yourself. Check out our collection of jigsaw puzzles to see some of the products that you can choose from. 


With Podify, you can create your own branded puzzles to sell your customers or allow them to design their own personalized puzzles. We put the power in your hands so you can build your puzzle business exactly the way you want.


It’s also worth noting that our prices are up to 25% lower than Printful and Printify. And we have unmatched customer service and support, with a 24-hour response time guaranteed. Collectively, these features make Podify the easiest way to source the products that you need to set up your new puzzle business.


But we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Consider adding the Podify Dynamic Print on Demand app to your Shopify store. Installation is free so you can see exactly how we’ll power your new puzzle store without having to commit to anything.

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