Getting Your First Sale – I Show You!

In this guide – I will show you how to take a brand new Etsy store and bring in sales.  Everything is authentic, real, and easily repeatable.  

We made Podify in the hope that online entrepreneurs from all over the world will be able to make sizable incomes with our app.

Nothing makes the Podify team happier than to see another successful merchant bring in consistent sales and write to us how they were able to increase their monthly budget, get out of debt, and even quit their jobs all thanks to Podify!

Making money online sure sounds nice.  How cool is it that money is flowing into your bank account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you never even have to get out of your pajamas?

This has been the dream for millions of people since the dawn of the Internet.  Unfortunately the Internet of the day is more competitive and crowded than ever.  But the tools and platforms of today make it easier than ever to start a real online business.

Why is Print on Demand one of the best ways to make money online in 2021?

  • People have always bought personalized products and the trend has been consistently going up each year since forever.  This is a trend that will never go away
  • An online store is a completely legitimate business.   There are many ways to make money online, but money require luck, fraud, or are too risky to be considered a real business.  With Podify you can build your own fully brandable, real business that customers will come back to for years.  This is a business that can last!
  • People love unique items they cannot find on Amazon or at the mall.  Amazon will probably continue getting bigger and gobble it more eCommerce competition.  That’s ok – fortunately as of 2021 they hardly have hit the POD realm.

In this post I will show you step-by-step how to make your first sale online.  This system has been tested 100s of times and almost every time it has brought in sales.

I can’t promise this will make you filthy rich.

I can’t even promise you will turn a profit.

But I can say with near certainty if you follow these instructions you will get your first sale.  And if you’ve yet to receive your first sale, it is a really good feeling.

And if you work hard really hard, you will learn how to make a sale every single day.  And then 5 sales a day.  And maybe even 20 sales a day.  And so on…

What platform is best to get started?

Many first time sellers start out on Etsy, Amazon, eBay or another giant platform.

This is a fine option for newbies but there are a few reasons why we recommend to NOT start on these channels:

  • Competition is intense.  There are over 2.5 million sellers just on Etsy.  The chance to stand out is very, very difficult.  It’s not impossible but will be difficult to make serious money.  It will be difficult to get sales and if you do get sales it will be very hard to profit due to price cutting.   You are going to work really hard for maybe a cup of coffee.
  • Fees are very high.  These platforms can take as high as 15% off the final price as commission.  So not only will you receive a small amount of money, a lot of it will go straight to Etsy’s/Amazon’s/Ebay’s already very deep pockets
  • Flexibility is limited.  You are bind to the platforms capabilities.  Not all of them are friendly to POD sellers
  • It will be hard to build a brand, market to your audience, and do things the “right” way.

Building a standalone .com website will take more time but the potential is much greater.  You will build an asset that can grow in value for years.  You have greater control over your destiny and not let Etsy algorithms decide your success.

We recommend either:

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce

So before we even begin with Podify we need to decide what product(s) to sell.  This is the key question here and this is where we need to spend most of our time.  If we pick successfully, the rest of the business will be easy.  If we are not successful we lose a ton of time and money.  We will also get frustrated and maybe give up.  So let’s really look into product selection first.  Spend on it a full waking day if you need to.  Or even a week.  The important thing is to do it correctly.

So what do I mean by selecting the right product?  Ideally we want a product that:

  • Has a significant amount of searches.  A popular product
  • Has fairly low competition
  • Can be resold for significant profit

If our product does not tick the above 3 requirements we are wasting our time.

And again, it may take time to find the right product.  It may be really boring.  I know you are super excited to make some $$$.  But it is the most important thing you can do to maximize your potential.

So now that we have our criteria, let’s go look for our potential winner.

Criteria 1: Finding a popular product

Out of all the criteria this is a bit tricky.  But let’s see what we can do

Criteria 2: Low competition


Criteria 3: Can be resold significant profit

How much can you profit here after all costs are considered?

Can you make $5?  $10?  $20?


Choosing between Personalized or Pre designed

C are searching for 2 types of products:

  1. Personalized products with the customers image.  You give a blank canvas or template.  Customer completes the product with their image / name.
  2. Pre-designed products.  You offer the finished product with your own artwork.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

For personalized products you are more likely to have less competition and can be more creative.  But you will have to correspond back and forth maybe across multiple messages.  And you risk the customer not being happy with their purchase due to bad artwork or the picture not printing the way they want.

For predesigned products the process is a lot easier.  You upload products with your artwork.  Customers buy the product as is with no further modifications.  The downside is there is much more competition and it may be difficult to know which artwork will catch.  Because Etsy charges per listing we can’t go too crazy here.


How to Make Money with Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that burst onto the scene during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s developed a name for itself as a place where consumers can purchase handcrafted, unique items without having to leave their homes.  It’s always a great way to Start a dropshipping business



Etsy had over 2.5 million sellers at the end of 2019. And that number is only expected to rise in the future. Add to that the company’s nearly $5 billion in 2020 revenue and it becomes clear that the popular online marketplace has a bright future ahead of it.

Maybe you’d like to become a part of all of this. If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide that will demonstrate the steps that you need to take in order to start making money on Etsy by selling unique items.


Before getting into that, if you’re looking for a company that will help you source the creations that you’ll sell on Etsy, consider Podify. We’re a print-on-demand (POD) service that allows you to sell customized apparel, tech accessories, puzzles, and more without having to handle any inventory yourself. Keep reading to learn more.


Determine What You’ll Sell

The first thing that you need to do is figure out what you’ll sell in your Etsy store. This is a decision that should be based on several key factors. 


For example, you’ll want to verify that the items you’re selling have a demand on the marketplace. Inventing a brand new product can be exciting, but you may not get many sales if no one’s searching for it or understands what it is.


A good strategy is to look into which types of items do the best on Etsy. For example, stores that sold face masks did tremendously well during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s not to say that you need to follow the crowd completely. Your best bet is to take one of your passions and figure out how you can turn it into a product that satisfies one of the market’s demands.


You’ll do even better if the products that you offer are unique to your Etsy store. For example, you can use Podify to create customized air pod cases that stand out from what everyone else in your niche is doing.

Make Sure You Can Make a Profit

It’s not enough to simply create a product that people on Etsy will want to buy. You also need to ensure that you’re being rewarded for the time that you spend doing this. You need to verify that you will make a profit when you get a sale on Etsy in order to ensure that your making good use of your time.


To do that, you should weigh the costs of a sale against the revenue you expect to generate from one. These are the costs that you should analyze:

  • Production costs
  • Etsy’s fees ($0.20 to list an item, 5% of the sale price)
  • Marketing costs
  • How much you can sell each product for


If you’re not sure how much you can charge for each of your items, do some research. Check in on successful Etsy stores that sell products in your niche and see what they’re charging. Then use that information to inform your profit plan.


Podify can help you save money so that you can ensure you’re making a profit with your Etsy store. Our print-on-demand service is up to 25% cheaper than the other major players in our space.

Set Up Your Shop

Next, you’re ready to set up your shop. This is a process that will involve several things. First, you need to take appealing photos of the items that you plan on selling. It’ll be worth your time to do some research online to ensure that you get it right.


After that, make sure that you write engaging descriptions for both your items and your shop. Ideally, the words that you write will help to bring your store to life, showing your customers exactly why they should purchase from you instead of from one of your competitors.


You may also want to take advantage of Etsy’s in-house customization tool, called Pattern. The tool enables you to make a website that’s as unique as the products you sell. Pattern costs $15 a month, but it can be a fantastic way to differentiate your store from the competition.

Market Yourself

This is one of the most challenging parts of being successful on Etsy. There are millions of sellers on the marketplace. So it’s critical that you’re able to find a way to set yourself apart from the crowd and attract a base of clients.


Most Etsy store-owners do this via social media marketing. Pinterest, in particular, is a very powerful way to drive new traffic to your shop. But you can also use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to attract new clients.


Ultimately, you need to figure out how you will provide value to your customers. Consider why someone would want to buy from you. Then translate that into marketing content that you distribute through all of these social media channels.


The process may take some time. But if you stick with it, you’ll start gaining a real following on your social media accounts. That’s the first step towards turning your Etsy store into a successful one with targeted marketing.

Take the Next Step with Shopify and Podify

61% of Etsy sellers are multi-channel retailers. As your shop grows, it could make sense to expand your online presence outside of the Etsy platform. The simplest way to do that is by creating a standalone online store with Shopify.


Podify was specifically designed for Shopify integration. Its powerful design tool will allow you to continue creating your own unique product designs within minutes — regardless of whether you integrate Podify with Shopify or continue using it with your Etsy store.


You can even give your customers the freedom to design their own personalized products. We dropship products that most companies don’t, including jigsaw puzzles, reversible sequins, and even yoga mats.


But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our Demo Shop to see all of the unique products that you could begin selling to your customers on Etsy to make money.