Pre-Designed Multi Variant Now Live!

Since our launch in September 2020 Podify has seen nearly 6000 online entrepreneurs download and try Podify to generate automated online income through their Shopify stores.

In these short 6 months we have listened to our merchants and have been continuously adding more and more features to improve our application.

One of the most highly requested is multi variant pre designed – the ability for merchants to pre-designed products with multiple variants in the same listing.   We are proud to say this feature is live!

With multi variant pre designed you can create multi variations of the same base product all in the same listing.

For example, say your store sells custom puzzles.  In the previous release, merchants could only design 1 puzzle at a time per listing.  With this latest release a merchant can create multiple sizes for the same puzzle image.  Customers get more choices and merchants save a lot of time.

This feature is not limited just to puzzles – it works with any product that has multiple variants: tapestries, canvas prints, beanie hats, apparel, blankets, pillows, bottles, and much more.

To create a multi variant pre designed product is very easy:

  1.  In Podify dashboard Go to ADD NEW PRODUCT
  2. Select a product and go to ADD A PRE DESIGN
  3. By default all variants are set to on.  If there are variants you want to exclude, click the box to remove to checkmark
  4. Upload image and crop for each variant
  5. Click Next Step to allow the system to start creating each variant
  6. Modify title, collection, description pricing and click Add to Store.  Finished listing:


That’s it!  We hope you enjoy the feature!